TWTC Modernized Control Room
The modernization of the control room in the Technion Wind Tunnel Complex (TWTC) was made possible by a generous gift from Leesa Steinberg, Montreal, Canada.

The foundation of the Technion Wind Tunnel Complex in the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering was set up in the sixties. The uniqueness of the complex lies in the almost complete coverage of the relevant Mach number range for aerodynamic research. It consists of four tunnels: two in the incompressible subsonic range (M<0.3), one in the compressible transonic range (0.35<M<1.1), and one in the compressible supersonic range (1.6<M<3.5). In addition, the complex includes the Turbulence Laboratory, the water-tunnel facility and a transonic jet. While numerous incompressible subsonic wind tunnels can be found in the academic environment, the Technion is one of few universities in the world with such facilities. The wind tunnels are used for aerodynamic experimental research carried out by faculty members, graduate students and joint projects with the Industry as well as for teaching undergraduate laboratory courses.

The old control room of Technion Wind Tunnel Complex
The old control room of Technion Wind Tunnel Complex (TWTC) was visited by Golda Meir during the 1970s.